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TÓPICO: Pro-active irs p.i.n. In advance of filing ?

Pro-active irs p.i.n. In advance of filing ? 3 meses 2 semanas atrás #27370

Hello all,

Can a taxpayer who is concerned about the possibility of having someone else fraudulently file his/her return take pre-emptive action by obtaining a PIN# from the IRS for I.D. validation prior to actually filing their return ?

I'm aware that a PIN # has been available to people that have previously had their I.D. stolen and have had a bogus return filed in their name, but on NBC news last night (1-29-18) it seemed to say that people can and should obtain an IRS PIN # to pre-empt such tax theft even if they haven't previously been the victim of such I.D. theft. Is this correct ?

If such a PIN I.D. # from IRS is available for this protection, how does a person go about getting one ?

Thank you

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