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TÓPICO: Atypical keyword testing approach?

Atypical keyword testing approach? 5 meses 2 semanas atrás #27487


At the outset, Specflow seems ideal, but it requires test features to be available at compile time. This would also require our QA team to use Visual Studio, which is not ideal. Behave is also not necessarily the right choice, as it seems lacking in community support.
Using more traditional keyword styles is also less than ideal. I am uncomfortable with the maintenance aspect of having locators and object names in an external data source. Also, the language has to be exact, and I am unaware of a tool that simulates intellisense when creating test cases, to force use of common artifacts.We have also considered using Excel spreadsheets with the language held in secondary sheets, building test cases out of the common language, then importing those into Microsoft Test Manager, to be finally interpreted at runtime by the tests themselves. Convoluted, but ultimately interesting.And so, we get to my question. Does anyone have experience with, or advice on, a BDD/keyword approach that uses external input files, built with some kind of intellisense to enforce common language?

Please help.

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